Crowdsale Funding / Initial Coin Offering Solutions

What is ICO?

An ICO is not new to us. Its idea came in 19th century. ICO is unchecked medium of crowd funding with the use of crypto currency. ICO is a crowd funding campaign mechanized by advanced technology called block chain.  ICO is often misconstrued with the term token sale and with crowd sale. Both these terms are quite different in meaning from ICO. ICO refers to sell rights of ownership to some projects. And a coin is symbol of ownership interest in an enterprise. It a digital currency certificate that is owned by a project. It raises money via internet. ICO and crowd sale are now extremely famous. Many companies are earning profit through ICO and crowd sale. It was firstly erupted in 2013 and now it is popular all across the world. Ethereum platform is the most widely used technical platform which started raising profit through the ICO in 2014 and now it is having 50 % shares on market. SEC have decided to implement some laws and rules to be abided by all participants of ICO for their security.

What is crowd funding?

The idea of crowd funding was mixed up with the new technology of block chain. It was discovered to raise your currency via internet. Crowd funding refers to sell something that you are not really aware about unless you have some token to participate in it. Token is term used for digital coins that are not tangible but it is electronically stored on your device like computer, laptop or mobiles. These token will allow you to participate in project that would be held after occurrence of crowd sale and funding. It is being used to secure investment for further upcoming projects. Funding is being done in form of crypto currency and other forms digital currency like Bit coins. In return of investment participants receive some digital tokens. This often leads to creation of new block chain platform. New platform can be built from scratch making few changes to code. Profit generated by this crypto coins can be transferred through different means. If the project for which funding kept secure gains transaction; its value increases. This idea was developed mainly so that anyone can create tokens and trade them on networks to gain profit. It was perfect idea for business growth. Currently, bigger projects launch their ICO on Ethereum because it is the main standard and class of ICO.

Our Services in regard to ICO and Crowd Funding:  

ICO  is getting popular due to advancement in technology. Miranz is an organization which offers its services starting from block chain application development to crowdsale funding and security solutions about block chain. We are available 24 hours to provide best customer service. We are dealing in crowd sale funding to raise revenues of your business through internet networks. We are opening doors to our clients by providng them best solutions for block chain based ICO and crowd sale funding.

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