Smart Contracts Audit

Smart contract audit is commenced to deal some critical and technical issues regarding block chain smart contract audit. A team of professionals comes to audit smart contract of a company before an occurrence of pre-ICO crowd sale. After auditing smart contract it provides certain feedback report on serious issues that have been raised during ICO smart contract crowd sale. Then they take some tangible steps to improve smart contract furthermore. This is how smart contract audit works to keep security measures higher priority among all key measures.

Our offerings for smart contract audit:

Miranz is an organization that is based in USA, Europe, and other Asian countries. It has the team of professionals which are working in collaboration to provide all block chain related services such as the web and mobile applications etc. We provide block chain smart contract development service and its auditing too. Auditing is done to make contracts completely faultless.

Scope:  Our scope of audit includes:

  • Crowd Sale and Token Contract

Audit somehow depends on its scope. We provide independent audit which is purely technical to remove smart contract uncertainties and to keep it safe from any serious hacks.

Smart contract audit keeps investor’s protected from any fraudulent acts. During crowd sale smart contract audit, if ICO does not get its desired goal of funding then all participants are refunded. Different testing approaches are performed to maintain its security well. Miranz is a well-known company to eliminate smart contract source code error and vulnerabilities through an application of its audit. Miranz saves your time by providing all block chain services at one. Miranz team has developed flagship application to audit smart contract and ICO. Our team analyzes the whole code of smart contract to place debugging checks at different crucial points during ICO. Our first and foremost priority is to provide security to our investors and entrepreneurs. As smart contract are the relatively new exciting area of block chain apps and it is in its starting stage of development.

We make sure security for our investor’s entrepreneurs because smart contracts can be hacked easily. So, we are making all possible efforts to ensure our investor community that the smart contract is free from hacks. Because hackers play to change rules of smart contracts and they play to bring out such an unwanted outcome or investors and token holders. We work in collaboration to eliminate such hacking effects. We have all security researcher experts and developers who entirely work to remove such ambiguities that lead it to failures. We are always available for our clients to make them happy. Our clients are investors of block chain smart contract and they hold token for crowd sale. We help them to sort out their problems regarding block chain technology. We help them solve their security issues. We remove all kind of detrimental issues via our audit of smart contract. We work for investor’s happiness and satisfaction. We manage their typical problems. Our major priority is smart contract’s security. We love to serve you well.