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Miranz Technologies is always looking into the contemporary IT solutions for Business and thus its services revolve around innovative solutions. Apart from offering engaging UI/UX Design, responsive website development, Mobile apps and Decentralized apps, and Cloud Computing services, the company also features Blockchain Technology, Big data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to help business automate the most of their workflow and utilize their finances in more profitable ventures.

The marketing wing at Miranz Technologies can breathe life into any business and make it a powerful brand. Apart from being proficient in traditional digital marketing techniques, we also develop and manage online communities for our clients to keep their target market engaged and educated about their products and services.


Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is engulfing every possible business domain. Disruptive in its nature, blockchain can revolutionize industries that are not currently linked to new technologies. The industries in which blockchain is believed to be successfully integrated can be of literally any type or nature. It means that blockchain can be integrated into healthcare to land records, elections to banks, you name it and we provide the perfect blockchain solution

Protection of Intellectual Property
Tax and Internal Revenue Monitoring
Identity verification
Supply Chain
Land Records

Our Story

Miranz Technologies was conceptualized when three IT experts, after identifying the major problems plaguing the current corporate system, decided to dedicate themselves to finding their solutions. Realizing the true potential of Information Technology, they focused on the contemporary advancements and worked on finding workable solutions for all industries. Today, Miranz Technologies offers effective Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data solutions for organizations worldwide


We believe in the empowerment of people working together in order to achieve milestones. We identify, solve & bring ideas to life. Quality teamwork always brings revolutionary changes in the field of IT along with spurring innovation and this is precisely what our mission is all about.


We believe in constant change so our basic goal is to produce innovative solutions for businesses operating in multiple industries. We envision our team to take ownership, embellishing them to become the leaders of tomorrow so they can produce quantifiable results for our clients.


Chief Executive Officer

Rosheel Baig is the Co-founder and CEO of Blockchain Expert Solutions (BES). He is mainly responsible for Business Development of the organization but he also plays a vital role in the management of the company. His excellent communications skills and timely responses help Miranz gain satisfied and happy clients. Rosheel has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and is a master of innovative and contemporary technology

Asher Azad

Asher Azad is the COO and CTO of Miranz Technologies. He is really passionate about product development and is highly skilled in developing valuable products using the latest technology. Keen on collecting ideas and developing them into successful software solutions, Asher plays a vital role in the creation of user-centric business solutions in the company. Being a technology veteran, he has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry

Co-Founder & CIO

Mudaser Iqbal is the founder and CIO of Miranz Technologies. He is entirely responsible for restructuring the company’s business model into that of an IT Company. Additionally, he is an expert in writing quality Whitepapers, Blockchain Development, SRS for complex Blockchain Design, ICO Planning and execution, financial analysis of projects. Mr. Mudaser has over 10 years of experience in Information Technology industry.


Expert in providing security services and having an experience of two decades in the business sector, Sharjeel Bhatti believes in quality and following latest standards in order to achieve the milestones. His primary motive is to develop business through various channels. He is the founder of "Manpower Direct (UK) Ltd." and currently holds the designation of an esteemed investor in Miranz Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

testimonial Of Miranz

Working with BES is great! Their teams are friendly and always available for help. When there is a problem they make sure it’s fixed fast and if there is some extra work they even hire blockchain developers to get the work done. This really helps us a lot.

Nick FriedrichCEO COSMOSCR (Netherlands)

The teams at BES are much cooperative and share their skills in every process related to our business. We are working with BES from a very long time and this portrays our level of satisfaction with their services.

Ms. ShuhadaCEO DDKoin (Malaysia)

I have worked with many different IT organizations, but I have never felt the dependability and the peace of mind, that I received from BES, from any other company. Their teams listen and understand the requirements and keep me updated about everything related to the project.

Qazi AhmadCEO SGC (Australia)

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