Can Blockchain Bring Transparent Elections?

Voter fraud is a serious issue that continues to plague the current voting structure of many countries. Specifically, prevalent in developing countries, this problem has ruined the lives of many. Every now and then we see unfit people leading countries of tremendous potential through fraudulent voting. This causes the entire nation to bear the brunt and suffer financial damages. Many countries have tried to tackle this problem through various means. There have been electronic devices and online systems involved but of no use. So how can we add transparency to the voting system of the world?

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology that disrupts the traditional centralized systems and decentralizes them for improved efficiency and transparency. The current problem with the electing system is also due to the centralized systems and this is precisely why decentralizing the system can lead to transparent voting. Also, many people just don’t vote because a voter has to be physically present in the polling booth to cast their vote. This further lowers the overall voter turnout.

In our progressively interconnected society, voting has become an activity that must be done through online means. Something like voting from your smartphone without having to go to the polling booth in some educational institute or similar government building. Sadly, the online voting system can easily be hacked and this causes many concerns for security. But there is a way through which one can utilize the online system while making everything immensely secure and that is the Blockchain Technology. The unique characteristics of blockchain technology make it a very suitable option for addressing the prevalent concerns of security.

So how can Blockchain eliminate the concerns of voter fraud? Simply by offering a clear and concise record of votes that are cast by the people. Every vote can become a separate block on the blockchain and hence it will be immutable and undeletable. Hacking a blockchain system or a blockchain powered voting system would also very difficult, because of its tamper-proof characteristics. These features of the blockchain technology can make it an excellent candidate to instill transparency in any voting system. If you have any concerns or opinions, just fill in the comment section below.